macOS High Sierra

Apple have approved Folder Sync v1.4.10 and it should now be available on the Mac App Store.

macOS High Sierra

Folder Sync v1.4.10 which has been updated to work on macOS 10.13 High Sierra has been uploaded to the Mac App Store and is currently with Apple for review. I hope Apple will approve the app and make it available within the next week.

macOS High Sierra

I had hoped to have Folder Sync v2 released by now but for several reasons that hasn’t happened.

Folder Sync v1 will receive an update so it will continue to work on High Sierra. We have an updated version running in house and will be doing final testing this week following the public release of High Sierra.

Folder Sync 2

We often get asked for better ways to handle syncing of folder structures without copying of all files within. With Folder Sync 2 we’ve made some big improvements in that area. This video on YouTube gives an example workflow for how to we can now sync only the folder structure if we want to.

Folder Sync v1.4.9 beta (Build 6238)

New beta build available for download here.
I believe this resolves known issues on Sierra, if you use it, please let me know if you have success or see any new problems and I’ll investigate them further.