Folder Sync 2

We often get asked for better ways to handle syncing of folder structures without copying of all files within. With Folder Sync 2 we’ve made some big improvements in that area. This video on YouTube gives an example workflow for how to we can now sync only the folder structure if we want to.

Folder Sync v1.4.9 beta (Build 6238)

New beta build available for download here.
I believe this resolves known issues on Sierra, if you use it, please let me know if you have success or see any new problems and I’ll investigate them further.

macOS Sierra - Threads and Symbolic Links

I had thought I had got to the bottom of Sierra issues but it appears not.

v1.4.8 runs fine on all our test machines but since release we have received a number of users telling us of three main problems.

1) The app appears to hang at the “Aligning Folders” stage.
2) The app displays files but doesn’t display all sub folders.
3) The app doesn’t display symbolic links or sync them.

1) & 2) are related and in further testing we have traced the root of the problem to how sierra handles threads. We use threads to speed up reading of files from left and right paths simultaneously. Sierra appears less robust at detecting when threads are executing or finished and this causes problems with timings.  

3) is a different issue but a very problematic one.  The developer documents tell us we should be reading symbolic links on sierra as we have done on previous macOS releases but we are not and do not currently know why.  More time to investigate is required.

Thanks to those taking time to make me aware and I will be back with another update when I’ve got to the bottom of these latest issues.

macOS Sierra - The tale of woe continues

Folder Sync v1.4.8 has been approved and is now on the Mac App Store but since having that approved I’ve been made aware of yet more problems with Folder Sync on Sierra. The main issue uncovered today is that Sierra handles symbolic links differently to every other release of macOS and Folder Sync doesn’t even recognise symbolic links on Sierra to display them let alone offer to synchronise them. This is a particular problem for package files which often use symbolic links within them. I’m working on a fix for this but may need some apple support on it as the reason why things behave differently on Sierra isn’t obvious.

macOS Sierra - Further Update

We’ve had no reports of new problems on Sierra for several days now and most of those that took the time to contact us have confirmed latest builds are working for them.
Folder Sync v1.4.8 (Build 6213) has been submitted to apple for Mac App Store approval. Fingers crossed apple will still accept updates on existing Apps which have never been sandboxed.
PLEASE NOTE: v1.4.8 is only compatible with macOS 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12. Do not update if you are using an earlier version of macOS, it won’t run.
Now its back to working on version 2 ...