App Store Reviews

We’ve been really pleased to see some superb reviews on the Mac App Store by some very satisfied customers, it would be great if comments made in one countries App Store were available for all to see but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. We’ve also been dismayed by the fact that one or two people choose to make very negative (and in some cases untrue) comments within reviews. We do believe that everybody is entitled to an opinion but whats particularly annoying is if the person that left a poor review has made no effort to contact us to allow us to investigate and fix any issue they may be experiencing. There is another massive shortfall in the App Store review system in that developers cannot respond to any comment or contact the reviewer that made the comment in any way. There are also some alarming statistics that extremely negative reviews tend to be malicious with intend to damage an App’s status in order to benefit the reviewer or affiliate of the reviewer. We encourage anybody experiencing problems to contact us in the first instance before submitting negative reviews as we pride ourselves in providing top notch technical support and will make every effort to resolve any issue reported.