Folder Sync v1.4 uploaded to Apple for approval

Folder Sync v1.4 has been uploaded to the App Store for Apple approval. The updates are as follows...
• Added new Menu Bar only mode.
• Added built in scheduling of Presets to run at a particular time on any selected day.
• Vastly Improved Logging System.
• GUI Updates to Preferences.
• Preset Edit now supports keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Paste etc.
• Preset Edit now automatically saves changes. No longer need Save Button.
• Fixed rename Preset bug which temporarily caused Presets to become read only.
• Improvements to Select Folder Browsing with more appropriate defaults used for each specific folder being browsed for.
• Select Folder Dialogs now enable user to toggle visibility of and select hidden Files/Folders.
• Improved detection of users selecting syncs prior to even running a compare of Left/Right Folders.
• Fixed a delay after a sync/copy/delete operation completed when using large data sets in Diffs mode.
• All built in keyboard shortcuts removed. Users can add their own shortcuts via system preferences.
• Fixed a bug with days calculation for Preset repeat interval (for some date locales)
• App icon reduced in size by 5%.
• Added new growl notification in situation where a sync failed to be added to sync queue.

We’ll be updating the Instruction Manual over the coming days and release a revised version of that shortly.