Ctrl-Click and Context Menu

We’ve been advised that Ctrl-Click doesn’t pull up the context menu when using apple mice. This has been sorted and will be in the next release of Folder Sync.

UK App Store User: OneintenMan

I really wish Apple provided a way for developers to communicate with users … but they don’t … OneintenMan can you please get in touch with us, we are keen to speak with you. Thanks.

Folder Sync review on iPad Forum Italia

The guys over at iPad Forum Italia have just published a review of Folder Sync. Read the review in full here.

Thanks guys :)

Folder Sync v1.2.0 Released

Apple have approved v1.2.0 and it is now available on the App Store. Updates are as follows...

• Added Growl Support
• User can now disable built-in sounds
• Added Toolbar buttons for Delete Empty Folders on Left and Delete Empty Folders on Right
• Improved Layout of Edit Presets Dialog
• Fixed an issue with modified dates on copied files not matching the original file
• Other Misc Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Onwards and upwards ... we are now shifting out efforts onto v1.3

Folder Sync: Modification Dates of Copied Files

We’ve recently been made aware of some situations where files copied using Folder Sync do not have their modified dates set correctly. Our initial investigation of this issue suggests that this is a bug in the apple framework that is used within Folder Sync to actually copy the files. We are currently working on a fix for this issue and following testing, that will be made available on the App Store. We will also be filing a bug report with Apple about the issue as our research suggests that this is a problem that many similar applications have also encountered.

OSX Lion

We’ve completed our testing of Folder Sync v1.1.0 on OSX Lion and had no problems.

Response to Canadian App Store User: Karelman

Apple doesn’t allow developers to communicate directly with our App Store customers or respond to reviews so we have to do it here via our blog. Karelman, can you please contact us, you seem a little disappointed that Folder Sync .... syncs pairs of folders ? Confused ... yes we are.