Folder Sync v1.1.0 Released

Apple have approved v1.1.0 and it is now available on the App Store. This release contains many new features, a summary list is as follows...

• Added new Sync Queue and Sync Queue Manager, it is now possible to perform Sync operations in the background while continuing to work in the main window.
• Can now set Presets to add them to the Sync Queue when Folder Sync Starts (which also enables basic scheduling abilities using iCal)
• Ability to have Folder Sync Auto Quit after 10 minutes of inactivity
• New setting to Auto Save the Log on exit into path /~/Library/Logs/FolderSync
• Improved layout of left/right folder controls in main window
• Improved use of Sheets in place of modal dialogs
• Added Ability to Exclude Folders, settings are Preset specific, like Exclude File Filter
• Added RMB Context menu for quickly adding existing file/folder names into filters
• Improved Folder and File Exclude filter fields, now with cancel/clear button
• Up and Down arrows on keyboard in Preferences:Edit Preset table now select preset for editing
• Added a "Select All Same" Files command
• Can now create new folders when browsing for left right folders
• Added Ability to Manually Delete All Empty Folders on Left or Right
• Added Ability to Automatically Delete All Empty Folders on Left or Right as part of Sync Settings
• Can now toggle open the log via screen menu during an active sync
• During Syncs, main table view now scrolls delete/copied lines to visible
• Autostart of compares has been revised, using combo boxes or browse for folders does not automatically start compares
• Added a new Presets screen menu
• Added a new Tools screen menu
• Added new toolbar buttons for manual copy/delete operations
• Added Delete Empty Folders Toolbar button
• User can now disable previews of manual file copy/delete operations
• Manual Copy/Delete of files can now be done via keyboard shortcuts
• "Base Folder" and "Up one Folder" are now accessible from keyboard shortcuts
• Added basic support for dragging/dropping folders into main window for left/right

Folder Sync documentation updated for v1.1.0

Apple havent approved it yet but we’ve updated the instruction manual for Folder Sync v1.1.0

Folder Sync v1.1.0 is ready!

We are pleased to have finally completed v1.1 of Folder Sync and have submitted it to Apple for approval. Updated documentation will be available soon.

Folder Sync v1.0.3 Released

Apple have approved v1.0.3 and it is now available on the App Store. This version is an interim release fixing several minor bugs. We had not planned to release another interim release before releasing v1.1.0 but v1.1.0 is not ready yet and we had a few bug reports that we wanted to fix.

German Feedback Wanted

We’ve recently had a third negative review for Folder Sync on the German App Store. We are a bit puzzled about this because we’ve had quite a lot of great reviews from elsewhere around the world. The frustrating thing is that none of the three users who left the reviews have contacted Destek support for assistance. If you are using Folder Sync and purchased it via the German App Store, we’d love to hear from you as we are keen to get to the bottom as to why German users may be having problems with Folder Sync?