Folder Sync v1.0.2 Released

Apple have approved v1.0.2 and it is now available on the App Store. This version is an interim release fixing several minor bugs.

We are currently hard at work on v1.1.0 of Folder Sync and that has some great new features which we are sure you will find very useful. We hope to complete testing and have v1.1.0 approved by apple at some point in June. Some of the notable features are ...
  • Background Syncing (sync presets in the background and still work in the main window)
  • Automatic startup of presets in the background sync queue when Folder Sync starts (allowing scheduling using iCal)
  • Automatic shutdown of Folder Sync after period of inactivity (to support scheduling using iCal)
  • Automatic saving of log (to support scheduling using iCal)
  • Ability to manipulate and modify the background sync queue manually (add presets, remove presets, re-order presets etc)
  • Improved Filtering of Folders, each preset can have its own filter settings (similar to files)
  • Ability to right click on files or folders in the main window to quickly add file or folder filters
  • Improved User Interface utilising sheets where appropriate in place of modal dialogs
  • Improved layout of main window controls
  • Many other small enhancements and stability improvements

App Store Reviews

We’ve been really pleased to see some superb reviews on the Mac App Store by some very satisfied customers, it would be great if comments made in one countries App Store were available for all to see but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. We’ve also been dismayed by the fact that one or two people choose to make very negative (and in some cases untrue) comments within reviews. We do believe that everybody is entitled to an opinion but whats particularly annoying is if the person that left a poor review has made no effort to contact us to allow us to investigate and fix any issue they may be experiencing. There is another massive shortfall in the App Store review system in that developers cannot respond to any comment or contact the reviewer that made the comment in any way. There are also some alarming statistics that extremely negative reviews tend to be malicious with intend to damage an App’s status in order to benefit the reviewer or affiliate of the reviewer. We encourage anybody experiencing problems to contact us in the first instance before submitting negative reviews as we pride ourselves in providing top notch technical support and will make every effort to resolve any issue reported.

Folder Sync v1.0.1 Released

Apple have approved v1.0.1 and it is now available on the App Store. All known bugs are fixed and we have made significant speed improvements to the initial comparison stages, we are typically seeing speed improvements of around 15x. We are now hard at work adding support for background synchronisation amongst other things ... all of which are coming soon as free upgrades!

Significant Speed improvements coming soon

We are currently testing some code that gives significant speed improvements to Folder Sync when using it with very large data sets. We hope to have that completed and ready for release in the coming 2 weeks.