American App Store User: Miles Cochran

Miles, you appear to have had some issues and we are sorry to here that.

By using 3rd party applications, we can see your App Store review but Apple does not allow developers to contact end users via the App Store or respond to reviews so we can’t help you if you don’t get in touch.

The OS Error codes to which you refer are error codes generated by the apple framework used to copy the files within the application.

There is a support link in the application itself, on the App Store page and on the website, I don’t know how we can make it any more obvious for users who actually want assistance to get in touch?

Message From John Kusznirczuk

John, we received your message today via our website but you didn’t leave an email address. Please get back in touch with a valid email address.

Automatic Logging in v1.4.0

We’ve recently been made aware of a problem with automatic logging in v1.4.0 of Folder Sync. It appears that in some circumstances, Folder Sync fails to create the required folder in the path /Users/UserName/Library/Logs/FolderSync. If this affects you, you can manually create the folder for now but we will be releasing a fix for this via the app store shortly.

American App Store User: NewDrew666

NewDrew666, If you don’t contact Destek Support, we can’t help you.

Folder Sync v1.4 released

Apple have approved v1.4.0 and it is now available on the App Store.

Folder Sync v1.4 uploaded to Apple for approval

Folder Sync v1.4 has been uploaded to the App Store for Apple approval. The updates are as follows...
• Added new Menu Bar only mode.
• Added built in scheduling of Presets to run at a particular time on any selected day.
• Vastly Improved Logging System.
• GUI Updates to Preferences.
• Preset Edit now supports keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Paste etc.
• Preset Edit now automatically saves changes. No longer need Save Button.
• Fixed rename Preset bug which temporarily caused Presets to become read only.
• Improvements to Select Folder Browsing with more appropriate defaults used for each specific folder being browsed for.
• Select Folder Dialogs now enable user to toggle visibility of and select hidden Files/Folders.
• Improved detection of users selecting syncs prior to even running a compare of Left/Right Folders.
• Fixed a delay after a sync/copy/delete operation completed when using large data sets in Diffs mode.
• All built in keyboard shortcuts removed. Users can add their own shortcuts via system preferences.
• Fixed a bug with days calculation for Preset repeat interval (for some date locales)
• App icon reduced in size by 5%.
• Added new growl notification in situation where a sync failed to be added to sync queue.

We’ll be updating the Instruction Manual over the coming days and release a revised version of that shortly.

Belgium App Store User: Scratch009

Scratch009, if you require any assistance, please contact Destek Support, we have no way of contacting you via the App Store. Please also note that v1.4 of Folder Sync which will be released shortly has a fully integrated scheduling engine and no longer requires iCal and also has a new Menu Bar mode.