App Store Gripes

As a Mac user, I love the Mac App Store, its a great place to find software and offers a seamless way to manage purchased software, fantastic stuff.

As a Developer, I am beginning to really dislike it … why doesn’t apple provide a way to let developers respond to, or communicate with users via the app store … it is incredibly frustrating!

US App Store User: Wermerls

Wermerls, you appear to be having a problem but you haven’t contacted support? Please get in touch if you need assistance as we have no way of contacting you via the App Store. You mention you are syncing 1.5TB of data but the total number of files isn’t much of a concern so we would be keen to learn what error message you are seeing so we can fix the problem. Thanks.

US App Store User: -=jmk=-

-=jmk=- can you please get in touch. You appear to be having a problem in Lion but you haven’t contacted support, if you get in touch we can help you. Contrary to what you have written, Folder Sync does not hang in Lion, it sounds like you didn’t hit the compare button after selecting the left and right paths but I could be wrong. Please do get in touch so we can sort your problem.

If there are any American users working on Lion without any problems, we would greatly appreciate some feedback on the App Store to counter the statements made by -=jmk=- as we are not aware of any specific problems on Lion. Thanks.

US App Store User: John R 448

John R 448, Can you please get in touch with Destek Support. Thanks.

Folder Sync v1.3.0

Folder Sync v1.3.0 has been uploaded to apple for approval, hopefully it will be available shortly in the App Store. A revised Instruction Manual is now also available here.

Updates are as follows…
• Presets can now be set to repeat automatically at user defined time intervals
• Added Preset Group functionality (allows user defined groups of presets to be easily added into the Sync Queue)
• Presets dialog now has a swap left/right paths button
• Added support for Lion full screen mode
• Growl notifications now include date/time
• Further improvements to fixing target file modified dates which don’t get set correctly when copied
• Fixed bug with ctrl-click on a magic mouse not pulling up the context menu
• When you select a preset in the Add to Sync Queue Dialog, the sync type now automatically changes to the sync type saved within the preset (although you can still change it if you want).
• When editing the current preset in the edit preset dialog, changes made are now propagated through to the main window (paths, filters and view mode)
• Setting for “Disable Adding of Presets to Sync Queue on start-up” is now “Disabling of all Scheduling of Presets”
• Fixed a bug with ignoring small time differences in conjunction with ignoring differences in daylight saving time
• Added option to prioritise deleting files on target drive prior to copying new files (to free up space prior to copying)
• Can now select file packages as left/right folders (e.g. the iPhoto Library)
• Improvements to date handling on newly created folders
• Added Edit Current Preset command
• Added Destek Support email link into Help menu
• Compare and Sync operations are now timed within the Log Window
• Various other bug fixes and stability improvements