Jeroen, we received a message from you regarding a query to sync via the internet but we can’t respond to you as you didn’t use a valid email address. Please get back in touch with a valid email address if you would like to discuss further.

UK App Store User: Paul Cripps

Paul, not sure what you mean in your review? Please get in touch if you require assistance.

UK App Store User: Trevor Mitchell

Trevor, You suggest in your review that you have emailed us but got no response. We don’t have any record of your email, can you please try emailing us again?

American App Store User: Miles Cochran

Miles, you appear to have had some issues and we are sorry to here that.

By using 3rd party applications, we can see your App Store review but Apple does not allow developers to contact end users via the App Store or respond to reviews so we can’t help you if you don’t get in touch.

The OS Error codes to which you refer are error codes generated by the apple framework used to copy the files within the application.

There is a support link in the application itself, on the App Store page and on the website, I don’t know how we can make it any more obvious for users who actually want assistance to get in touch?

Message From John Kusznirczuk

John, we received your message today via our website but you didn’t leave an email address. Please get back in touch with a valid email address.

American App Store User: NewDrew666

NewDrew666, If you don’t contact Destek Support, we can’t help you.

Belgium App Store User: Scratch009

Scratch009, if you require any assistance, please contact Destek Support, we have no way of contacting you via the App Store. Please also note that v1.4 of Folder Sync which will be released shortly has a fully integrated scheduling engine and no longer requires iCal and also has a new Menu Bar mode.

Marian Majdan

Marian, we received your email but cannot reply to it as the reply email address appears to be incorrect. If you do happen to read this, please get in touch with us using an alternative email address. Thanks.

German App Store User: Andreas Exner

Andreas, from your review, you appear to be having a problem but you don’t appear to have been in touch with our support. We have no way of contacting you via the App Store so please get in touch so we can try to help you.

US App Store User: Wermerls

Wermerls, you appear to be having a problem but you haven’t contacted support? Please get in touch if you need assistance as we have no way of contacting you via the App Store. You mention you are syncing 1.5TB of data but the total number of files isn’t much of a concern so we would be keen to learn what error message you are seeing so we can fix the problem. Thanks.

US App Store User: -=jmk=-

-=jmk=- can you please get in touch. You appear to be having a problem in Lion but you haven’t contacted support, if you get in touch we can help you. Contrary to what you have written, Folder Sync does not hang in Lion, it sounds like you didn’t hit the compare button after selecting the left and right paths but I could be wrong. Please do get in touch so we can sort your problem.

If there are any American users working on Lion without any problems, we would greatly appreciate some feedback on the App Store to counter the statements made by -=jmk=- as we are not aware of any specific problems on Lion. Thanks.

US App Store User: John R 448

John R 448, Can you please get in touch with Destek Support. Thanks.

Australian App Store User: Peter Velzen

Peter, can you please get in touch. You don’t specify in your App Store review what kind of connections you have to your two external drives or mention the size/quantity of the data set. Please don’t expect miracles if you are syncing across drives with poor connectivity speeds.

Response to Canadian App Store User: Karelman

Apple doesn’t allow developers to communicate directly with our App Store customers or respond to reviews so we have to do it here via our blog. Karelman, can you please contact us, you seem a little disappointed that Folder Sync .... syncs pairs of folders ? Confused ... yes we are.

German Feedback Wanted

We’ve recently had a third negative review for Folder Sync on the German App Store. We are a bit puzzled about this because we’ve had quite a lot of great reviews from elsewhere around the world. The frustrating thing is that none of the three users who left the reviews have contacted Destek support for assistance. If you are using Folder Sync and purchased it via the German App Store, we’d love to hear from you as we are keen to get to the bottom as to why German users may be having problems with Folder Sync?