Folder Sync

Folder Sync v1.4.5

Folder Sync v1.4.5 has been released on the Mac App Store to address a problem with the menu not showing up on Mavericks. Unfortunatly, the update is being offered as compatible with OSX 10.7 which it is not. A further update will be issued shortly to stop it being offered on OSX 10.7. Apologies if this has caused you any problems.


Jeroen, we received a message from you regarding a query to sync via the internet but we can’t respond to you as you didn’t use a valid email address. Please get back in touch with a valid email address if you would like to discuss further.

Folder Sync v1.4.4 Approved

Apple have approved v1.4.4 and it is now available on the App Store.

Mountain Lion Compatibility Update

Despite not being able to recreate the problem myself, with the help of some very kind users I now appear to have identified the problem on Mountain Lion that is causing Folder Sync to crash for so many users. I hope to have a fix released via the app store soon. A release timescale is difficult to predict as the update will require apple approval before it is made available on the app store.

For those of you desperate to try the latest version, a time limited Demo Version can be downloaded

Mountain Lion and Folder Sync v1.4.3

We’ve recently received a high number of reports that Folder Sync v1.4.3 is crashing on the final release version Mountain Lion. We are working on a fix and hope to release v1.4.4 soon.

UK App Store User: Paul Cripps

Paul, not sure what you mean in your review? Please get in touch if you require assistance.

UK App Store User: Trevor Mitchell

Trevor, You suggest in your review that you have emailed us but got no response. We don’t have any record of your email, can you please try emailing us again?

American App Store User: Miles Cochran

Miles, you appear to have had some issues and we are sorry to here that.

By using 3rd party applications, we can see your App Store review but Apple does not allow developers to contact end users via the App Store or respond to reviews so we can’t help you if you don’t get in touch.

The OS Error codes to which you refer are error codes generated by the apple framework used to copy the files within the application.

There is a support link in the application itself, on the App Store page and on the website, I don’t know how we can make it any more obvious for users who actually want assistance to get in touch?

Message From John Kusznirczuk

John, we received your message today via our website but you didn’t leave an email address. Please get back in touch with a valid email address.

Automatic Logging in v1.4.0

We’ve recently been made aware of a problem with automatic logging in v1.4.0 of Folder Sync. It appears that in some circumstances, Folder Sync fails to create the required folder in the path /Users/UserName/Library/Logs/FolderSync. If this affects you, you can manually create the folder for now but we will be releasing a fix for this via the app store shortly.

American App Store User: NewDrew666

NewDrew666, If you don’t contact Destek Support, we can’t help you.

Folder Sync v1.4 released

Apple have approved v1.4.0 and it is now available on the App Store.

Folder Sync v1.4 uploaded to Apple for approval

Folder Sync v1.4 has been uploaded to the App Store for Apple approval. The updates are as follows...
• Added new Menu Bar only mode.
• Added built in scheduling of Presets to run at a particular time on any selected day.
• Vastly Improved Logging System.
• GUI Updates to Preferences.
• Preset Edit now supports keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Paste etc.
• Preset Edit now automatically saves changes. No longer need Save Button.
• Fixed rename Preset bug which temporarily caused Presets to become read only.
• Improvements to Select Folder Browsing with more appropriate defaults used for each specific folder being browsed for.
• Select Folder Dialogs now enable user to toggle visibility of and select hidden Files/Folders.
• Improved detection of users selecting syncs prior to even running a compare of Left/Right Folders.
• Fixed a delay after a sync/copy/delete operation completed when using large data sets in Diffs mode.
• All built in keyboard shortcuts removed. Users can add their own shortcuts via system preferences.
• Fixed a bug with days calculation for Preset repeat interval (for some date locales)
• App icon reduced in size by 5%.
• Added new growl notification in situation where a sync failed to be added to sync queue.

We’ll be updating the Instruction Manual over the coming days and release a revised version of that shortly.

Belgium App Store User: Scratch009

Scratch009, if you require any assistance, please contact Destek Support, we have no way of contacting you via the App Store. Please also note that v1.4 of Folder Sync which will be released shortly has a fully integrated scheduling engine and no longer requires iCal and also has a new Menu Bar mode.

Marian Majdan

Marian, we received your email but cannot reply to it as the reply email address appears to be incorrect. If you do happen to read this, please get in touch with us using an alternative email address. Thanks.

German App Store User: Andreas Exner

Andreas, from your review, you appear to be having a problem but you don’t appear to have been in touch with our support. We have no way of contacting you via the App Store so please get in touch so we can try to help you.

Folder Sync: Problem Repeating Presets by day

We’ve recently been made aware of a problem with presets set to repeat using “days” as the interval. This problem affects some but not all data locales. A fix will be included in the next release of Folder Sync but a work-around in the mean time is to use hours or minutes as the repeat interval.

US App Store User: Wermerls

Wermerls, you appear to be having a problem but you haven’t contacted support? Please get in touch if you need assistance as we have no way of contacting you via the App Store. You mention you are syncing 1.5TB of data but the total number of files isn’t much of a concern so we would be keen to learn what error message you are seeing so we can fix the problem. Thanks.

US App Store User: -=jmk=-

-=jmk=- can you please get in touch. You appear to be having a problem in Lion but you haven’t contacted support, if you get in touch we can help you. Contrary to what you have written, Folder Sync does not hang in Lion, it sounds like you didn’t hit the compare button after selecting the left and right paths but I could be wrong. Please do get in touch so we can sort your problem.

If there are any American users working on Lion without any problems, we would greatly appreciate some feedback on the App Store to counter the statements made by -=jmk=- as we are not aware of any specific problems on Lion. Thanks.

US App Store User: John R 448

John R 448, Can you please get in touch with Destek Support. Thanks.

Folder Sync v1.3.0

Folder Sync v1.3.0 has been uploaded to apple for approval, hopefully it will be available shortly in the App Store. A revised Instruction Manual is now also available here.

Updates are as follows…
• Presets can now be set to repeat automatically at user defined time intervals
• Added Preset Group functionality (allows user defined groups of presets to be easily added into the Sync Queue)
• Presets dialog now has a swap left/right paths button
• Added support for Lion full screen mode
• Growl notifications now include date/time
• Further improvements to fixing target file modified dates which don’t get set correctly when copied
• Fixed bug with ctrl-click on a magic mouse not pulling up the context menu
• When you select a preset in the Add to Sync Queue Dialog, the sync type now automatically changes to the sync type saved within the preset (although you can still change it if you want).
• When editing the current preset in the edit preset dialog, changes made are now propagated through to the main window (paths, filters and view mode)
• Setting for “Disable Adding of Presets to Sync Queue on start-up” is now “Disabling of all Scheduling of Presets”
• Fixed a bug with ignoring small time differences in conjunction with ignoring differences in daylight saving time
• Added option to prioritise deleting files on target drive prior to copying new files (to free up space prior to copying)
• Can now select file packages as left/right folders (e.g. the iPhoto Library)
• Improvements to date handling on newly created folders
• Added Edit Current Preset command
• Added Destek Support email link into Help menu
• Compare and Sync operations are now timed within the Log Window
• Various other bug fixes and stability improvements

Australian App Store User: Peter Velzen

Peter, can you please get in touch. You don’t specify in your App Store review what kind of connections you have to your two external drives or mention the size/quantity of the data set. Please don’t expect miracles if you are syncing across drives with poor connectivity speeds.

Ctrl-Click and Context Menu

We’ve been advised that Ctrl-Click doesn’t pull up the context menu when using apple mice. This has been sorted and will be in the next release of Folder Sync.

UK App Store User: OneintenMan

I really wish Apple provided a way for developers to communicate with users … but they don’t … OneintenMan can you please get in touch with us, we are keen to speak with you. Thanks.

Folder Sync review on iPad Forum Italia

The guys over at iPad Forum Italia have just published a review of Folder Sync. Read the review in full here.

Thanks guys :)

Folder Sync v1.2.0 Released

Apple have approved v1.2.0 and it is now available on the App Store. Updates are as follows...

• Added Growl Support
• User can now disable built-in sounds
• Added Toolbar buttons for Delete Empty Folders on Left and Delete Empty Folders on Right
• Improved Layout of Edit Presets Dialog
• Fixed an issue with modified dates on copied files not matching the original file
• Other Misc Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Onwards and upwards ... we are now shifting out efforts onto v1.3

Folder Sync: Modification Dates of Copied Files

We’ve recently been made aware of some situations where files copied using Folder Sync do not have their modified dates set correctly. Our initial investigation of this issue suggests that this is a bug in the apple framework that is used within Folder Sync to actually copy the files. We are currently working on a fix for this issue and following testing, that will be made available on the App Store. We will also be filing a bug report with Apple about the issue as our research suggests that this is a problem that many similar applications have also encountered.

OSX Lion

We’ve completed our testing of Folder Sync v1.1.0 on OSX Lion and had no problems.

Response to Canadian App Store User: Karelman

Apple doesn’t allow developers to communicate directly with our App Store customers or respond to reviews so we have to do it here via our blog. Karelman, can you please contact us, you seem a little disappointed that Folder Sync .... syncs pairs of folders ? Confused ... yes we are.

Folder Sync v1.1.0 Released

Apple have approved v1.1.0 and it is now available on the App Store. This release contains many new features, a summary list is as follows...

• Added new Sync Queue and Sync Queue Manager, it is now possible to perform Sync operations in the background while continuing to work in the main window.
• Can now set Presets to add them to the Sync Queue when Folder Sync Starts (which also enables basic scheduling abilities using iCal)
• Ability to have Folder Sync Auto Quit after 10 minutes of inactivity
• New setting to Auto Save the Log on exit into path /~/Library/Logs/FolderSync
• Improved layout of left/right folder controls in main window
• Improved use of Sheets in place of modal dialogs
• Added Ability to Exclude Folders, settings are Preset specific, like Exclude File Filter
• Added RMB Context menu for quickly adding existing file/folder names into filters
• Improved Folder and File Exclude filter fields, now with cancel/clear button
• Up and Down arrows on keyboard in Preferences:Edit Preset table now select preset for editing
• Added a "Select All Same" Files command
• Can now create new folders when browsing for left right folders
• Added Ability to Manually Delete All Empty Folders on Left or Right
• Added Ability to Automatically Delete All Empty Folders on Left or Right as part of Sync Settings
• Can now toggle open the log via screen menu during an active sync
• During Syncs, main table view now scrolls delete/copied lines to visible
• Autostart of compares has been revised, using combo boxes or browse for folders does not automatically start compares
• Added a new Presets screen menu
• Added a new Tools screen menu
• Added new toolbar buttons for manual copy/delete operations
• Added Delete Empty Folders Toolbar button
• User can now disable previews of manual file copy/delete operations
• Manual Copy/Delete of files can now be done via keyboard shortcuts
• "Base Folder" and "Up one Folder" are now accessible from keyboard shortcuts
• Added basic support for dragging/dropping folders into main window for left/right

Folder Sync documentation updated for v1.1.0

Apple havent approved it yet but we’ve updated the instruction manual for Folder Sync v1.1.0

Folder Sync v1.1.0 is ready!

We are pleased to have finally completed v1.1 of Folder Sync and have submitted it to Apple for approval. Updated documentation will be available soon.

Folder Sync v1.0.3 Released

Apple have approved v1.0.3 and it is now available on the App Store. This version is an interim release fixing several minor bugs. We had not planned to release another interim release before releasing v1.1.0 but v1.1.0 is not ready yet and we had a few bug reports that we wanted to fix.

German Feedback Wanted

We’ve recently had a third negative review for Folder Sync on the German App Store. We are a bit puzzled about this because we’ve had quite a lot of great reviews from elsewhere around the world. The frustrating thing is that none of the three users who left the reviews have contacted Destek support for assistance. If you are using Folder Sync and purchased it via the German App Store, we’d love to hear from you as we are keen to get to the bottom as to why German users may be having problems with Folder Sync?

Folder Sync v1.0.2 Released

Apple have approved v1.0.2 and it is now available on the App Store. This version is an interim release fixing several minor bugs.

We are currently hard at work on v1.1.0 of Folder Sync and that has some great new features which we are sure you will find very useful. We hope to complete testing and have v1.1.0 approved by apple at some point in June. Some of the notable features are ...
  • Background Syncing (sync presets in the background and still work in the main window)
  • Automatic startup of presets in the background sync queue when Folder Sync starts (allowing scheduling using iCal)
  • Automatic shutdown of Folder Sync after period of inactivity (to support scheduling using iCal)
  • Automatic saving of log (to support scheduling using iCal)
  • Ability to manipulate and modify the background sync queue manually (add presets, remove presets, re-order presets etc)
  • Improved Filtering of Folders, each preset can have its own filter settings (similar to files)
  • Ability to right click on files or folders in the main window to quickly add file or folder filters
  • Improved User Interface utilising sheets where appropriate in place of modal dialogs
  • Improved layout of main window controls
  • Many other small enhancements and stability improvements

App Store Reviews

We’ve been really pleased to see some superb reviews on the Mac App Store by some very satisfied customers, it would be great if comments made in one countries App Store were available for all to see but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. We’ve also been dismayed by the fact that one or two people choose to make very negative (and in some cases untrue) comments within reviews. We do believe that everybody is entitled to an opinion but whats particularly annoying is if the person that left a poor review has made no effort to contact us to allow us to investigate and fix any issue they may be experiencing. There is another massive shortfall in the App Store review system in that developers cannot respond to any comment or contact the reviewer that made the comment in any way. There are also some alarming statistics that extremely negative reviews tend to be malicious with intend to damage an App’s status in order to benefit the reviewer or affiliate of the reviewer. We encourage anybody experiencing problems to contact us in the first instance before submitting negative reviews as we pride ourselves in providing top notch technical support and will make every effort to resolve any issue reported.

Folder Sync v1.0.1 Released

Apple have approved v1.0.1 and it is now available on the App Store. All known bugs are fixed and we have made significant speed improvements to the initial comparison stages, we are typically seeing speed improvements of around 15x. We are now hard at work adding support for background synchronisation amongst other things ... all of which are coming soon as free upgrades!

Significant Speed improvements coming soon

We are currently testing some code that gives significant speed improvements to Folder Sync when using it with very large data sets. We hope to have that completed and ready for release in the coming 2 weeks.

Folder Sync Available Now!

In the early hours of this morning, Apple approved Folder Sync for sale on the Mac App Store. Grab your copy from here now!

Progress Update

Folder Sync has been submitted to Apple for approval and we hope that it will be available for purchase and download very soon. Also of note is that the Instruction Manual is now available online. You can grab a copy from the main Folder Sync web page or from here.

Folder Sync Screenshots updated

The Screenshots for Folder Sync have been updated. You can view them here.