Yes. Folder Sync 2 is a free download from the Mac App Store. Using the Sync features requires a Subscription or a Full License to be purchased from within the App (In-App Purchase). A Free 14 Trial is also available from within the App which allows the Sync functionality to be evaluated.

Yes. A generous discount is available to all those that purchased Version 1. The upgrade is available as an In-App purchase and requires you to select Folder to verify you previously owned it.

Many new features have been added and lots have been improved. Version 2 was a complete rewrite of Version 1 mainly to address Apple's mandatory Security Sandbox requirements and so there may be features missing in Version 2.

We recommend that you utilise the Free 14 day Trial period to test before purchasing to satisfy yourself Version 2 fits with your personal requirements. If you do notice something missing that you would like to see added to Version 2, please Contact Us to let us know so we can gauge demand and focus our limited resources

Blue = file only exists on one side

Red = file is newer on one side

Teal = file has been filtered

Magenta = file is same date on both sides but different size

After comparing two folders, you can use the action menu button at the top right hand side of the tab to start a sync operation. Alternatively you can use the context menu available when right clicking on the left or right hand files pane. Four types of Sync are available.

  • Mirror Left to Right (Left is source, right is target)
  • Mirror Right to Left (Right is source, left is target)
  • Update Left to Right (Left is source, right is target)
  • Update Right to Left (Right is source, left is target)
Mirror means copy newer files from source to target, copy orphans from source to target, delete orphans on target.
Update means copy newer files from source to target, copy orphans from source to target, leave orphans on target as-is.

See section below on Filters.

Set your Filters as follows and then Sync


Filters are used to eliminate certain files or groups of files from Sync operations. Filters are editied using the "Edit Settings" button.

Filtered items show up in Teal coloured text. Filtered items are not included with Sync operations but can still be manually manipulated (moved, copied, deleted or renamed) within the file outline. To hide filtered items from view, toggle the "Hide Filtered Items" setting ON.

Edit Settings and set filters as follows

Only Show Differences


Presets are used to store information about two folders which have been compared including all filter settings. Folder Sync 2 automatically saves a Preset for every pair of folders compared. Automatically named Presets can be renamed by user if desired.

Unfortunately it is not possible to import Prests from Version 1 into Version 2.

Folder Sync 1 was written before Apple added the App Security Sandbox to macOS. The Sandbox requires that a user must grant access to files/folders by explicitly selecting them using the Sandboxed file system browser.

In the "Open a Preset" list contained within the "Home" tab, select the preset you want to rename and press your Return key and enter your desired Preset name.

There are several ways to open Presets

  • Select the desired Preset in the list and double click on it
  • Select the desired Preset in press the "Start Compare" button
  • Select multiple Presets in the list and use the keyboard combination CMD+O to open them all
  • Open a new tab and from the action menu button, use the "Open User Named Preset" option