Icarus is free to download from the Mac App Store
In-App purchases provide access to additional features
Requires: macOS 10.15 or newer

Icarus is a drone flight and data analysis application, initially focusing on the visualisation and analysis of data within the flights logs of Dji drones.

If you are new to Icarus, please read the Getting Started Guide.

Download the companion macOS menu bar App, Icarus Buddy

Icarus is a new app in our portfolio and we are excited to see how it will develop over time. If you'd like to see features added and/or support for additional flight log formats, get in touch.

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Clean and modern interface with Dark Mode support


Powerful charting capabilities for visualising flight data


No need to upload your flight data to a third party website

Cost Effective

In-App Purchases unlock access to advanced features


Supports CSV files created by CsvView

Supports CSV files created by DjiParseTxt

Document based application

Dark Mode Support

Provides map of the flight path

Keep your data on your mac

Chart flight variables against flight time

Overlay multiple variables onto a chart

Add mutiple charts within each document

Focus charts on any period of the flight time line