Return of the Sync Queue and Preset Scheduling

Building on the improvements made in version 2.2, version 2.3 is taking shape nicely. The Sync Queue improves on version 1 by allowing multiple operations within the queue to operate in parallel. Scheduling is also improved with finer control over timed schedules allowing multiple schedules to be added to a Preset.

Folder Sync 2 Improvements

We’ve been working on some more updates and hope to have these released soon. We have migrated the app to use native tabs for improved functionality and that has also led to a return of the toolbar (most requested feature). This work also lays some important ground work for a return of the Sync Queue / Preset Scheduling in a future release. Version 2.2 will now also open on Mojave to allow users to test and and we’ve also added back in the ability to customise the colours in anticipation and preparation for future compatibility with Mojave dark mode.

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App Store Reviews

That’s the second one star review we’ve had for Folder Sync 2 claiming the app is useless because the free trial version adds time delays into the sync operation (whilst also making it very clear you can remove these delays by purchasing a subscription or full license).

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Version 2.0.4

Approved and available on the MAS today. In addition to improvements previously mentioned, we also added the ability to simultaneously open multiple Presets based on tag.

Coming Soon …

The next release of Folder Sync 2 will support an option to use larger fonts across the whole app. We’ve also added a Goto function to navigate between differences in the outline views and a Sync screen menu has also been added. We also noticed the new website broke the FAQ link from the help menu within that app so that’ll be fixed too.

Folder Sync 2

We hope you are all enjoying your free trials. Contact us and let us know if you need any further information.