Folder Sync 2.6.0

Hot on the heels of 2.5.0, Folder Sync Version 2.6.0 has also now been approved by Apple and is available on the Mac App Store.

The main improvements are

  • Significant sync speed improvements (multiple concurrent file operations)
  • Option to control the number of concurrent syncs in the Sync Queue
  • Reread folders from disk without re-comparing everything (run from context menu)
  • Smart Expand Folders to only expand folders that contain visible differences (OPTION click on toolbar expand button)
  • Improvements to sort order on initial read of files from disk
  • Improvements to handling of misaligned items (a file path that matches with a folder path on the opposite side)
  • Further improvements to disk reading errors to automatically identify and attempt to reread to correct
  • Further Improvements to the “Delay reading of sub-folders” workflow for working with very large data sets

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