What are Orphans?

Categories: fs2-general
Orphan is the term used to describe items that only exist on one side of the comparison.

Can I test Folder Sync 2 prior to purchasing?

Categories: fs2-general
Yes. Folder Sync 2 is a free download from the Mac App Store. Using the Sync features requires a Subscription or a Full License to be purchased from within the App (In-App Purchase). A Free 14 Trial is also available from within the App which allows the Sync functionality to be evaluated.

Does Version 2 support all features of Version 1?

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Many new features have been added and lots have been improved. Version 2 was a complete rewrite of Version 1 mainly to address Apple’s mandatory Security Sandbox requirements and so there may be features missing in Version 2. We recommend that you utilise the Free 14 day Trial period to test before purchasing to satisfy yourself Version 2 fits with your personal requirements. If you do notice something missing that you would like to see added to Version 2, please Contact Us to let us know so we can gauge demand and focus our resources.

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