Folder Sync 2.11.0

Folder Sync Version 2.11.0 has been approved and is now available on the Mac App Store.

The main improvements are

  • Added Preset option to delete files before copy (free up space on small target disks).
  • Simplified handling of .DS_Store & Thumbs.db files. Now hidden in Differences view mode and Filtered view mode (of new Presets) by default.
  • Right clicking on an item and adding to Filter now automatically toggles view mode to Filtered.
  • UI clean up of Home tab, Start a New Compare view.
  • UI redesign of the Preset Editor to clean up and separate out Settings, View Mode & Filtering and Scheduling.
  • UI clean up of the Log. Compare tabs are now consistent with Home tab and allow log filtering to show errors and warnings only.
  • Compare tab outline size column now uses user locale.

Documentation updates will come in due course.

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