Folder Sync 2.14.3

Folder Sync Version 2.14.3 now has Apple Silicon support and is available to download from the Mac App Store.

Change log for version 2.14.3

  • Apple Silicon support
  • Fixed an issue with selection highlighting not working on Big Sur

Change log for version 2.14.2

  • Preset table search improved
  • Preset tags now offer autocompletes as you type
  • Preset table rows now also display time stamp of last run in the Sync Queue
  • Preset table rows sorted by date now also takes account of Sync Queue time stamp
  • The log can now be manually cleared
  • Fixed an issue whereby Presets schedules were being incorrectly linked when duplicating a Preset

Change log for version 2.14.1

  • Further fixes and improvements for macOS Big Sur support

Change log for version 2.14.0

  • Compatability fixes to support macOS Big Sur
  • Refreshed App Icon to align with Big Sur UI Guidelines

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